Our values, the things we value, the behaviours, actions, and beliefs we truly value, are born out of our Mission: TO BE A DARING, SHARING AND CARING COMMUNITY WITH JESUS.

We don’t just want these to be on a nice sign in the foyer, or a cool T-shirt. We want these three values to be imprinted on our hearts and define who we are and what we do.

DARING to go above and beyond what’s expected

To be daring is to be about others more than ourselves – and we are exploring what it means:

  • to venture out and do the unexpected
  • to risk our reputation if it might result in increasing God’s love in this world
  • being creative and experimenting
  • knowing that everyone has a part of play in the flavour of who we are as a church
  • being innovative and exciting, trying new things, or resurrecting old things
  • discerning what God is up to and joining in on that adventure
  • to understand our work, our employment, our vocation, our parenting and our relationships as opportunities for God’s goodness and love to improve the lives of others
  • not shying away from opportunities because they’re challenging or difficult but embracing them because God asks us to

A daring approach to faith starts with resurrecting a dead and cold heart. Only God can transform your heart and empower you with the Holy Spirit, so you can look at the world through a different lens – a lens that sees what God sees, hears what God hears, feels what God feels and then acts with God in visible and invisible ways.

SHARING more generously and so defeating our selfish tendencies

To be sharing is to be more generous than we are stingy, and we are finding out what it means:

  • to look for opportunities to bless others with what we have
  • to deny ourselves so we can promote what God is doing and wants to do
  • to share the joy and goodness God gives to us instead of instead of keeping it for ourselves
  • being real with one another and honest about how we are journeying forward, and relying on God to be real
  • when our work, employment, job become sources of blessing to us, our families, and others that God brings across our paths.
  • giving to those who have less and sharing with those who are in need
  • receiving with grace the blessings others want to enrich us with and valuing those gifts and contributions.
  • existing not for ourselves but investing into a larger purpose, that makes our lives about God and about others.

A sharing approach to faith starts with realising that everything you have is on loan to you from God. It’s not yours, but God’s, and He has chosen to bless us with it. God blesses you and wants you to then bless others. You are to be a channel for God’s goodness and generosity.

CARING deeply about the things and people, which God cares about

To be caring means to deeply care about the things that God cares about. It also means:

  • showing that care through actions – and not just having good intentions
  • caring less about ourselves and more about the things God has for us.
  • valuing the opportunities God gives us in our day to day lives to partner with Him in showing his heart to others.
  • looking for those situations where we can show a glimmer of care, in a world where often there is none.
  • investing ourselves in friendships where we go deeper than “how are you?”
  • welcoming opportunities to sacrifice our comfort so that others might know their value to us and to God.
  • cultivating a heart that seeks to bless others
  • starving the inner voice that cries for attention and love by offering and giving it to others, only to realise that in doing so we may find it.

A caring approach to faith starts with receiving the care God is offering you. God cares for you so deeply. He wants you to know that above and beyond everything else. You are so deeply cared for that God would lay down his own life, in the form of Jesus Christ, so that you might be freed of the shame, guilt and weight of the rebellion in your heart.

If you’ve read this far, well done, and you should know that we recognise that many of these things are counter cultural. They may not be in line with popular thinking, but we are convinced that when you truly give your life away to God, it’s the only way you can discover who you are and live the life you deeply need and yearn for. We look forward to meeting you. If you’d like to take a first step you can email us and ask us anything.