Bible Reading Tool

Have you ever read the Bible? Have you read it but not gotten anything from the experience? Has it been tiresome to open your Bible in the first place. These four questions are ones we have developed from various sources to make your reading of the bible more fruitful.

These four questions can be used for you when reading the Bible alone or when meeting with friends or in a small group. The idea is not that you would answer each question, but that you would read the text and looking at these questions listen for how god might be speaking through them.

What does that mean and look like? Try it now. Open your bible and read a short passage of the Scripture. Now read these four questions slowly and see if a response or thought to any of them come to mind. We’re big on journaling, so write that thought down and ask the questions again. It may be that the first thing you write down causes you to think something else. Pursue that thought until it’s exhausted.

  1. What questions are raised for me?
  2. What is God saying to me?
  3. What is my ah-hah moment?
  4. What are others saying that helps?

These questions can shape what a group looks like when they meet, or how you might read the Scriptures. In a group setting it is a matter of reading the Scripture and allowing anyone to speak to any of the questions so as to generate some conversation.

We have written reference to a symbol after the question so as to help you remember what these questions are, and therefore increase your ease of engagement.