On Sunday 17th July Burleigh Village Church and Burleigh Heads Uniting Church will become a combined church called Burleigh Village Uniting Church. We know both congregations have wonderful complementary strengths that when brought together can make a significant impact in Burleigh.

We would love for you to become a part of this. There is a place for you here with us and plenty of opportunities for you to use what God has gifted you with. God loves you and we would like to be part of your journey of not only discovering that but embracing it and all that that means.

The vision before us, as a new merged entity has the following five elements, which creates a picture of the future God is empowering and leading us toward:



It’s essential that we are active in our community and make accessible the life and light of Jesus in visible and invisible ways. God is already on mission in Burleigh and beyond, doing incredible things and we want to join Him in the adventure.


Every one of every age has something valuable to contribute and needs to be able to do that for us to be the fullness of who God is calling us to be. Having said that we unapologetically are praying for and encouraging more young adults to join in with what God is doing at the church. We know that as this occurs many more exciting things will fall into place and everyone inside and outside the church will be more blessed.


We have one of the best located church buildings in the country. We know we have a responsibility to use and develop God’s property here so it blesses those who don’t yet know God and empowers those who do know God to do more for God.


We are committed to creating, developing and sustaining vibrant and thriving spaces for people to be discipled in their faith and where they encounter the presence of God. This may be in the form of a Sunday service, a small group of people meeting, an Alpha course we run, or a myriad of other expressions.


We know that for more people on the Gold Coast to realise God’s deep and consistent love and in response to put their faith in Jesus Christ, that there needs to be more churches. We are committed to planting (establishing) new churches across our city and supporting others who are also committed to this.

What frames this is vision is a commitment we have made that everything we do is about Jesus. We realise if you’re not religious that statement might seem very strange, but we dare you to explore what it means with us and find out for yourself.