Our Statement of Belief

  • We believe the triune God is the creator of all things.
  • We believe humans are separated from God because of sin.
  • We believe God sent Jesus Christ (God in human form) to reconcile us to himself, by dying on the cross for us, becoming our saviour.
  • We believe Jesus was resurrected, giving hope to humankind.
  • We believe Jesus Christ is the head of the church and the members of the church are his hands and feet, called to worship, witness and service through the authority he has placed on us.
  • We believe that through Jesus, God sent his Holy Spirit to dwell among and within us, to guide and empower us.
  • We believe we are always on a journey of renewal in our relationship with God and can constantly draw closer to Jesus, with the gift and help of the Spirit.
  • We believe the Bible is the authoritative word of God, which is to be studied, understood and obeyed.