Discipleship Tool

Jesus lasting call to those who would follow him is to help others to follow him. He called this process discipleship. After he rose from the dead he came to his disciples and challenged them to make disciples, of those who wanted to know Jesus. Those who follow and trust Jesus are known as disciples. You can read about how it went down here.

At Village we want to help people become disciples of Jesus. One of the tools we have developed is a set of four questions. These questions are meant to create closer friendships and deeper experiences of Jesus in an encouraging setting.

They can be asked when catching up with a friend, or they can be shared and discussed in a group of friends. The questions are:

  1. What are you struggling with knowing no one will judge you?
  2. What are you reading in the Bible?
  3. What is Jesus saying to you?
  4. What’s your next step?

Question One helps you to gauge the setting and how much trust can be extended and then to share what you feel comfortable with. Often sharing for people is a real challenge, so this enables that to take place.

Question Two helps you share what you are reading in the Bible. It is also a gentle reminder if you haven’ been reading anything that it is a healthy practice to get back into.

Question Three helps you to share what you feel Jesus has been saying to you, through his spirit. Jesus speaks through the Bible but He also speaks to us through a great range of things. Learning to listen to the Holy spirit and share what God is saying will help you then to follow through on what you have heard.

Question Four helps you to move forward. It may be that your next step is to trust more next time, to pick up your bible and read it, or to find some space to listen to God, or maybe something completely different.

The more you use these questions and dare to take them seriously, the more you will discover that the Holy Spirit is forming you into the likeness of God’s son Jesus.