Burleigh Village Church is pastored by Rev. Ralph Mayhew, but calling him ‘Ralph’ is spot on. He has over 20 years of church leadership experience working with all ages of people at all stages of life, from children and youth all the way through to young families, professionals, retirees and the elderly. His heart is to create a space where you can belong, where you are known for who you really are and know others for who they really are. Village is an environment which exists to help those who connect with it become daring, sharing and caring. 

Ralph is married to Lyndal and they just celebrated their 20 year wedding anniversary. They have two crazy critters, Azaria, 7 and Hamish 5, who keep them on their toes most hours of the day! He enjoys long walks along the beach… hehe, providing it’s sunrise and he has a camera in his hands. Other interests span into fishing, the movies, filmmaking, and all things local.

He’d love to connect with you and see God help you become all God created you to be. If you’d like to ask him anything, get to know him more or connect with the Church in a more personal way than this website, please email him on


Hi, I’m Wendy and I have the pleasure of coordinating the children’s program here at Burleigh Village Church for our wonderful 3-12 year olds. Children hold a special place in the heart of God and are such a valued and integral presence in the life of Village. We love their uniqueness, wisdom, creativity, uninhibited emotion, liveliness and above all welcome the CHAOS!

As such we aim to provide opportunities most weeks for children to be included both within the service and within their own separate program just for kids. Also, keep your eye out for our next ‘Village Kid’s Collective’ (generally occurring every 6-8 weeks) where we provide the opportunity for the young and young at heart to enjoy our afternoon church service ‘through the eyes and experiences of a child’.

I have to say that without a doubt, my job is made all the easier by the awesome team of dedicated and talented leaders and helpers who meet, plan, prepare and conduct our Sunday program throughout the year. We strive to provide safe, welcoming and inclusive spaces for children and place the utmost importance on child safety, adhering to the ‘Safe Ministry with Children’ guidelines established by the Uniting Church in Australia, Queensland Synod.  Please let me know if you require any more information with regard to this or any of the above via email,

Other than children’s coordinator, my other favourite roles are being married to Dale, and being Mum to 2.5 teenage boys (17, 15 and almost 12). My background is in music and music therapy although these days you’re more likely to find me teaching the piano or attempting to find time to dust off my old composition skills, making music.


Paul McGuire is a local School Chaplain of 12 years. He has experience in both high school and primary settings and loves running various groups and helping young people find something and someone they connect with. He is forever philosophical by nature, believes variety really is the spice of life and always has an interest in the journey others are traveling. 

He and Teresa are parents of two footy and lego loving boys- Elijah and Harvey. As a family, they also love board games, bike rides and yum cha!!

Paul is a Burleigh Local and is keen to connect with other families to (hopefully) raise brave, caring and resilient kids. You are welcome to contact him at