Village Church is a church in Burleigh, on the Gold Coast of Australia. We exist for those who would never think to come to church; to show you that God does actually love you, far more than you might realise.

We are a daring, sharing, and caring community with Jesus.

We want everyone who lives in Burleigh to come to know the joy, life and freedom following Jesus brings.

We started Village five years ago, sent out by Newlife Church (in Robina) to offer a local flavour of mission.

We are a group of people who trust God by following Jesus, and loving those he brings into our lives. We know there is so much to enjoy by knowing Jesus, that we want everyone else to experience it too.

We would love to meet you and the best way is by joining us on Sunday at 4.00pm. You’ll usually find us in the Burleigh Heads Uniting Church, (2 Burleigh St – at the top of James Street).

We also work alongside Burleigh Heads Uniting Church in offering Christian ministry and presence to the Burleigh community. Two years ago, we entered into a conversation, which has resulted in us both deciding to merge together. This is now what we’re working toward and will have finalised by July 1. It’s a very exciting journey and one we’d encourage you to become part of, as there are lots of new opportunities to contribute in wonderful ways to what God is doing.

If you’d like to explore getting involved with us, please get in touch.