Think Jesus

Thinking Jesus is the key to transforming the way you think and therefore the way you live, to embrace the life Jesus has called you to.

There are four sequential steps involved in thinking Jesus. Each designed to help you take on the mindset of Christ, set your heart to the things important to him and develop your toolbox. The steps are as follows:

Step 1 Think Jesus helps you to explore your internal motives and worldview. Through doing this you can move toward a Gospel centred approach to life, which affects everything you do.

Step 2 think Jesus helps you to move from an internal evaluation of your faith to an external presentation and engagement of that faith. Learning how to share your story, listen to God and to others, is one o the most exciting aspects of following Jesus.

Step 3 Think Jesus helps you to identify where God has placed you as the environment where he wants you to be missional. This is where you can learn how to be a Christian at work, in your family and amongst strangers.

Step 4 Think Jesus challenges you to evaluate and accelerate your growth as a disciple. You will be helped to identify and develop healthy rhythms and practices, which will not only sustain your spiritual health in Christ but will expand the reach God has through you to those he loves.

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