There are many ways to get involved in Village as you’ll see below. You’re invited to explore with us where God wants you and how you might be blessed and contribute to what God wants to do in Burleigh.

You can come this Sunday

The first place to begin is to gather with us this week. You’ll get to see what we’re about, how we do things, what we value and whether our village is something you’d like to belong to. To get ahead of the curve you can take a peak here.

You can serve with us in the Community

We are often getting out into Burleigh – the community we have been called too love and serve – and blessing people. We’d love you to join us. you don’t need to formally have anything to do with us, but we’d love to serve with you or join you in serving others.

You can serve in our Village

There are all sorts of ways you can serve within our Village. Some of these require you to have a faith in Jesus and others do not. We’d love to chat with you about this, and help you discover your sweet-spot and how you might serve God.

You can join our team

At the heart of our Village is a team of committed people who serve, give and live that Jesus might become known by the people they meet and do life with. To be part of the team means:

  • You love Jesus,
  • You believe in what our Village is about,
  • You give so that those who don’t know Jesus never have to and instead get to experience grace in its fullness,
  • You want to see Burleigh, and then the Gold Coast, become the best place to live in.

If this is you we’d love to invite you to gather with us at 6pm on the second Sunday of the month, where you’ll be able to hear all about it. Please register your interest at

You can pray for us.

To partner with us in prayer and receive regular updates about what we’re doing follow this link.

You can support us financially.

You can find out how to financially contribute here.

You can become the missionary you were saved to be

Missional habits are the foundation to understanding what God is calling you to once you start following Jesus. This short course will help you to understand and establish these five missional habits into your everyday. Go here for more details.

You can learn to Think Jesus

Thinking Jesus is the key to transforming the way you think and therefore the way you live, to embrace the life Jesus has called you to. Go here for more details.


We want you to belong in our Village, and if we can help you do that please email us at